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Dongying haida moving co., LTD
Address:Dongying district west 4th east road、Road to the north of weifang
East side:0546-8566789
The west side:0546-8372345
A mobile phone:15666899598  15666899598
Contacts:Manager wang

Company profile

      Dongying haida co., LTD. Is a moving based on services for the market,Set production、Services business、As well as the development of new and high technology service center。With many powerful service companies to establish the system of joint venture,Have their own stable service outlets。Business scope includes:Unit to move、Container loading and unloading、Displacement of the equipment、Equipment in place、Packaging machinery、Professional long-distance move, etc。

      Dongying haida moving co., LTD always adhere to high quality service、Over the years,Under the concern and support of people from all walks of life,The economy、Larger improved its social benefits,Will also gradually improve the scientific management specification、Quality service standards,When conditions are ripe,Will be under the guidance of management consultant company,Comprehensive system of import customer satisfaction and corporate image recognition system,Improve the corporate image and brand。So we set up a complete set of valuation signing and damage compensation system,Let the consumer can achieve maximum and safeguard the rights and interests。The company and continue a sincere、The principle of carefully,Have reached you commit the various tasks。Haida moving company establish a good image in the customer,The dongying moving users get the praise。
    Dongying haida moving co., LTD., after a long-term market baptism in the process,Constantly improve themselves,Improve the quality of employees,Has now set up a provides the high quality for the working class team of mass moving image。Service tenet is to move team:“Quality,Observe credibility”。
    Dongying haida moving co., LTD., is put forward“Life is limited,The service is infinite”The slogan,Dongying haida moving co., LTD., moving from dongying district also expand to three counties and,Won the general customers trust and recognition.
    Dongying haida moving co., LTD. Since its establishment,Stick to it“The customer is supreme、Reputation first”The management idea,Keep your business“Five is not、Three satisfaction”Standards of service,Carefully、Try our best for the general public、Enterprises and institutions、Social groups、To provide“Convenient、In a timely manner、To save money、Worry”High-quality service。
Dongying haida moving co., LTD  The phone:0546-8566789   Technical support:Create a cloud
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