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The dynamic of the industry
Improving the quality of accounting audit Prevent defuse risks effectively[2019-09-18]
Certified appraiser for certified public accountants industry in Shanxi Province“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”[2019-09-13]
About Shanxi Province2019Comprehensive evaluation before in an accounting firm50The name of the information[2019-05-17]
About the printing《To carry out“Reform and innovation、Vigor”To discuss the work project》Tong[2019-03-13]
Mr Li:Enterprises and regulations policy must be to listen to your enterprise and industry associations[2019-03-12]
About the printing《Certified appraiser for certified public accountants industry in Shanxi Province party committee2019Years of work[2019-02-01]
About the revised printing2018The annual consolidated financial report format[2019-01-28]
Finance and investmentMore and more>>
In the year10All work is not stable What money can buy
A single salary family income5000Yuan Deposit account transfer money more resistance
Middle-income families have cars
Why to Hong Kong to buy insurance
Happy moment
I didn't change,Is in the whole
Colleagues home
Three is a joke
Understand life
Learn to share the good things
Have this Monday
Anthony Robbins quotes(2)
Anthony Robbins quotes
This dynamic
Chen Ming certified public accountants held successfully“How to make good family education”Parents salon[2019-02-12]
Severe winter warmth The Spring Festival condolences to warm the heart[2019-01-18]
In the communist party member“Political birthday”Activity[2018-07-02]
Close to nature Relax[2018-05-11]
Rich corporate culture Celebrate New Year's day is coming soon[2017-12-31]
Chen Ming group to develop honest self-discipline education activities[2017-03-27]
Know yourself Restore health[2017-03-09]
Chen Ming certified public accountants2016Annual summary and commendation congress report[2017-02-13]
2019The trip to guizhou
All staff of outdoor play
Chen Ming certified public accountants2
Professional qualificationsMore and more>>
 Real estate assessment qualification certificate
 The asset appraisal for the record
 Public accounting firm's practice certificate
 Tax office registration certificate
 Engineering cost consultation units
Main customerMore and more>>
[Group co., LTD]The shanxi lanhua coal industry group co., LTD
[Coal chemical industry]Shanxi jincheng changping coal co., LTD
[Industrial manufacturing]Shanxi jincheng automobile fittings factory co., LTD
[Construction of real estate]The third construction engineering company in Shanxi Province
Laws and regulationsMore and more>>
About the printing《Enterprise product cost accounting system(On a trial basis
About asking《Accounting standard for business enterprises to explain the first6Number(The levy
About asking《Accounting standard for business enterprises to explain the first6Number(The levy
About the legal office of the state council《The People's Republic of China
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Talented people 
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