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Address:Sichuan yaan mountains area MaoHe rural village of perfume a club39Number

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      Planting co., LTD., established in yaan green garden nursery stock2014Years8Month,MaoHe township is located in yaan mountains area,The registered capital600Wan,Is one specialized is engaged in the ChaMiao breeding production、The cultivation and sales of the company。The members of the company by the local ChaMiao planting large joint,Its own technical personnel and kinds of inspection3Name,And employ senior agronomist2A nursery in the management guidance to the company,For my company sizes of high quality ChaMiao provides a strong guarantee。In addition,In order toThe guaranteeThe variety of ChaMiao purity,The company self-built mothers garden,Varietal purity is very high,Let the customers trust introduction my company a nursery。The company provided free planting plant technology,According to customer requirements to meet customer as our duty。The company adhering to the“Quality is a plus,The service is supreme……

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