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  Qingzhou Kim suye co., LTD., mainly engaged in polyethylene plastic pipe、PESteel tubes、Large diameter drainage pipes、PEThe plum flower tube, etc。The company adhering to the“The customer is supreme,Forge ahead”The management idea,Stick to it“The customer is supreme”The principle of providing excellent service for our customers。
  Qingzhou Kim suye co., LTD is located in beautiful scenery and historical and cultural city-Qingzhou。309National highway、Jiqing expressway、Jiaoji railway passing by,The transportation is convenient。Qingzhou is one of the ancient kyushu,A scene,Is the Chinese tourist city,Cloud gate mountain、Camel mountain、Exquisite mountain、Mt.huandshan mountain、My garden、Fan Gongting, qingzhou museum beauty, etc,With cultural heritage and the precious historical relics and distant。Qingzhou Kim suye co., LTD. Is the production of high density polyethylene pipe、Wall pipe winding structure of private science and technology enterprises。Have a good microcomputer automatic control of the production line,Well-equipped pipe inspection,Scientific and reasonable process、Smart expert management、Operating skilled worker team,Perfect quality management system。Welcome customers to patronize!


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  • HDPETube


  • Polyethylene plastic pipe

    Polyethylene plastic pipe

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    LLDPEWater pipe

  • LLDPEWater pipe

    LLDPEWater pipe

  • Electric power pipe jacking

    Electric power pipe jacking

  • Submersible pump tube

    Submersible pump tube

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    A drain

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From the aspects of economyHDPETube what are the advantages

Due to theHDPEPipe flexibility is better,In the encounter obstacles or without straight pipe trench excavation can need not pipe laying directly,But the ductile iron pipes,Sometimes use words such as pipe fittings of elbow or transitional connection。Like this,In fitting partsHDPEPipe in nodular cast iron pipe。


HDPEThe main technical points of the pipe fused connection

Fused connection is fused tube set in the pipe、Pipe fittings,By electric welding machine will advance jinshi in fused pipe inner surface resistance wire electricity heating,The heat energy produced is then heated、Melting fused in pipe inner surface and the socket pipe outside surface,Make it together,To achieve the purpose of molten pull。


Solve the problem of submersible pump tube not water submersible pump tube manufacturer for your action

The level of contact with submersible pump tube inlet pipe section should keep slope,That is to say,Connect one end of the pump tube inlet should be higher,Don't level,This part if tilted upward,Air intake tube will be retained,Because it can reduce the vacuum degree of the submersible pump pipe,So seriously affect the water absorption。


【To share】HDPEThe product description and application field of tube

HDPEThe replacement of the tube is a traditional steel pipe。HDPETube must be under pressure,Usually to choose large molecular weight、Mechanical performance is goodPEResin,Such asHDPEResin。LDPEThe tensile strength of the resin is low,Pressure difference,Poor rigidity,When forming size stability,And connection problems,Not suitable as the pressure in the feed water pipe materials。




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